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Airborne LiDAR (Light Detection And Ranging) involves mounting a laser scanner in a RPAS (Remote Piloted Aircraft System | DRONE that measures the height of discrete points in the landscape below the RPAS. This technology can capture large areas in a single day.  


Well crafted project design by Skypxl enables the accuracy of the terrain data sets to be confirmed prior to their critical application on planning and design projects.

LiDAR can also penetrate dense canopy, enabling the capture bare earth terrain models (not visible using image based photogrammetry).


A number of other derived products can be generated about vegetation and assets (power lines, towers, buildings) which leads into the change monitoring services we also offer. Find out more

3D GIS and Visualisation

Skypxl has been modelling the built and natural environment in 3D . We have extensive expertise in the 3D modelling of major urban areas and integrating these models into governmental decision processes.

Skypxl currently provides numerous cities in Australia 3D urban models and supporting software for their cross-departmental use.

Applications include developmental planning processes like examining the visual impacts of development and shadow analysis. They also deliver complex decision support through simulations such as traffic flow and flood risks. Our models have even been used to identify vantage points and plan crowd management for firework spectaculars.

The simulation ability of our system brings the fourth dimension, time, into play changing geo spatial data from a descriptive tool into an analytic tool. The system, SKYLIVE allows decision makers to rapidly assess a wide range of scenarios, options, and responses to make fully informed and effective decisions.

SKYLIVE was developed by Skypxl to give our clients access to powerful features they needed, but were not being supplied on the market. We continue to extend SKYLIVE 's functionality in consultation with our clients to create a single platform that best serves their 3D visualisation and simulation needs. Find out more

Land, Construction and Infrastructure Surveying

Skypxl - Survey and its partners have more than twenty years’ experience in providing consultancy survey services to government agencies, the construction industry, heavy industry, the resources sector, and land and property developers.


Our surveyors use the latest survey techniques and technology supported by a full suite of application software and computing facilities. This includes terrestrial laser scanners, laser trackers, mobile laser scanners, and unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) systems, plus traditional robotic total stations and global navigation satellite system (GNSS) receivers.

Skypxl - Survey and its partners set the benchmark in survey and geospatial solutions. Our deep industry experience, coupled with knowledge of the latest survey technologies and methods, means we can provide a cost-effective solution that produces the best outcomes for you. Our multi-disciplinary expertise delivers a breadth of services.


This includes cadastral title definition, construction surveying, precise engineering surveying, structure monitoring programs, site scanning, and 3D visualisation for detailed modelling of heritage buildings and industrial brownfields, as-built and whole city modelling. This is further enhanced by our ability to provide spatial products via the cloud.

Skypxl Survey capabilities catergories:

  • Laser scanning, including as-built surveys, 3D modelling and building information modelling (BIM)

  • Engineering, construction and industrial surveying

  • Land surveying, including feature and contour, tenure, lease and dilapidation

        Find out more

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