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Is your business considering RPAS (Drone) technologies?

Has your business started the journey and would like some expertise to ensure you are maximising your investment, ensuring stakeholder engagement and ultimately demonstrating strong ROI?

As RPAS (Remote Piloted Aircraft System) Drone technology evolved significantly in 2013, it became a game changing solution for many industries. In the meantime, national aviation authorities such as CASA have prepared stable regulatory frameworks for realising RPAS operations and today almost every industry is deploying RPAS’s to increase productivity and safety.

Industries such as mining, construction and infrastructure have been early adopters and in some cases are almost operating fully automated RPAS operations, enabling data in the same or better quality in significantly less time and cost compared to traditional methods from ground or by plane or satellite.












Faster | Safer | Better are the key drivers.

We at SkyPxl are passionate about RPAS (Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems) technology, the opportunities and possibilities the world of RPAS delivers.

Our experienced team come from diverse industry sectors such as Aviation, Surveying & Mapping, Construction, Capital Equipment, Extractive Industries, RPAS Software systems integration and AV Production.

This unique combination gives us the ability to understand your unique requirements and deliver a high level of expertise and consultancy supported by outstanding service, resulting in superior project outcomes.

We are always growing our global partner network, in house expertise and capabilities ensuring your business has access to the latest technology available, whether it be aircraft and payload systems through to software and data management.

Buying the right drone hardware is only the beginning. There are many facets to operating a Drone operation.



At SkyPxl we will successfully develop and integrate with you the systems that will provide deliverable outcomes your business needs to increase efficiencies and maintain that competitive edge.

        We save you the expensive learning curve pitfalls by;

  • Research your business RPAS (Drone) requirements and ROI expectations.

  • Identify where RPAS (Drone) technologies can improve your business.

  • Select from the latest drone industry technology the best-fit for your operations.

  • Problem solve the site integration and operational requirements.

  • Develop the workflows to get the most out of the investment efficiently.

  • Train your staff to be enthusiastic and efficient pilots and users of the system.

  • Ongoing support & training.


SkyPxl’s core values are to always put safety first in all we do, demonstrate the unique capabilities RPAS (Drone) technology can deliver to your business and strive to exceed our customers’ expectations, that's the SkyPxl difference.

We invite you to call for a no obligation chat Call 1300 20 54 30 or click here 

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